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Health benefits of circuit training

If increasing your fitness is your focus, there’s very few that’ll benefit your body quite as much as good old circuit training. 

If you’re not familiar, circuit training is defined as a workout technique that utilizes a series of exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest between - often with the focus on different pieces of equipment, although not necessary. 

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Health Benefits of Playing Squash

The health benefits of squash 

When it comes to racket sports, it’s hard to beat the fast-paced game of squash when you’re looking for a great game to play. 

It’s easy to get into, can be seriously competitive (if you want it to be) and is bags of fun.

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The health benefits from walking

The health benefits of walking 

If you’re looking to get active, get social and get outdoors, there’s nothing better than walking for a step in the right direction. 

With plenty of great treks, hikes and routes all over the world, all you really need is a good pair of shoes and the sky really is the limit.

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5 key health benefits that performing gymnastics has on the body

Gymnastics is up there with some of the most challenging and demanding physical activities that a human can possibly undertake.

Gymnasts put themselves under immense physical and mental pressure to perform exercises and feats of strength whether it be as part of a hobby, competitor or career with top level athletes reaching olympics level.

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5 key health benefits that you’ll see from playing football (soccer)

Football, or soccer if you’re reading this in the US, is a great way to get active, build fitness and implement a team sport into a health routine.

There’s plenty of different drills, games and options when it comes to playing the game, but it might come a surprise to many of us that there’s a variety of health benefits associated with the game.

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Yoga - 5 Key benefits of yoga on the body

Yoga is seemingly absolutely everywhere in 2019 and there’s no escaping it here either (sorry).

Regular yoga, hot yoga, cat yoga and well… every type of yoga is smashing through the media and greeting us in every direction.

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Cycling - 5 key benefits that cycling has on the body

Cycling gets a bad rap these days, and frankly we can’t see why.

There’s often no better feeling that feeling cool air running through your hair (you should always wear a helmet, but for arguments sake this point is staying) when you’re pedaling hard on two wheels. But it doesn’t just feel great...

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