Running to the end of the street, 2 miles or 10 miles, every bit helps with cardio fitness and helps get the blood pumping round the body.


Boost physical and mental wellbeing while helping with cardio fitness.


All you need is a good pair of running trainers and somewhere safe to run.

Aptitude Fit


So you might be interested in running, here you will find some information about running, how it can help you achieve your goals and how to get started.

Running is the one sport that just about all of us with a working pair of legs can participate in. There’s no necessary equipment, no flashy membership required. Just your feet and a strong mental state to keep on pushing.

For anyone who may have a disability preventing them from running and struggle with other activities we list, we are working on bring a new category listing ways for any disabled person to get fit. Get in touch with us to let you know your interested.

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