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We are here to help you get fit, stay active and improve overall fitness, but the way you want. Instead of just socialising why not socialise and get fit.

Our site has many features but we are all about allowing you to join other people's fitness events, or if you want to help others get fit you can create your own fitness events and let people join you.

It's free to join and free to use and we will never ask you for any card details unless you choose to upgrade to premium. Give us a try, join today and start getting active.

Social and Fitness is everything

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Are there any costs?

We like to keep any prices simple, thats why its free to join and free to use. The only times you will be charged anything is if you want to upgrade to a premium account, take part in a paid event or if you want to start a paid event.

You don't need to supply any payment details to join and you can cancel at any time.

FIT Free
Free account

You can signup for get involved with other peoples fitness activities or get others involved in yours. Its free to join, free to use and we won't ask for for any payment information.

  • Create events in your area
  • Join events local to you
  • Message event organisers
FIT Premium
Premium account

In addition to the free features you get loads more features without restrictions.

  • Create events in any location you visit
  • Join events where you want
  • Search fit profiles
  • See who's subscribed to an event
  • Message other users
  • See profile view stats
  • See event view stats
  • Automate your events
  • Ad free