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We are here to help you get fit, stay active and improve overall fitness, but in a new way. Connect people together, let people follow your lead when it comes to fitness and staying active do you have what it takes.

If you fancy helping other's keep fit then you can create your fitness events here and let other's join you. If you just want to take part, then you can search for events close to you, find the event you like and join.

Our main goal is to get you moving by allowing you to search and join other people getting fit and doing different sports, or if you want to help others get fit you can create your own event and let people join you.

How it works

If you are still confused about where to start, here's some more info.

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    Signup to our free account and you will be able to search your local area.

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    Set your location

    In your profile area you need to set your location so that we can match events to your local area.

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    Search or get notified

    You can leave it to us to notify you when events are available or search for fitness events near you.


When you want to search more areas, remove limits and more, you can upgrade to premium at anytime.

Social fitness is the best way to keep active

Fitness, sports and just staying active can not only help your physical health but also your mental health.

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