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Help and information about being social and fit

AptitudeFit was created because there is more to fitness than just going to the gym, loosing weight and having personal goals.

Everyone in some way wants to be fit and healthy what ever your age, that's why we created AptitudeFit, a place for people to help others get fit and healthy but also be socialable.

Mental health is just as important as body health which is why being socialable but also getting fit at the same time it probably going to be the best thing you ever tried. People creating event's can help others but also help their mental health, people joining others in their events can help their physical health, everyone wins.

Winners are not just people who win races, they are people who help others.

You don't have to be going to a gym to be fit. Getting involved with other people's activities or allowing people to join your events will help you both.

You might be a very experienced fitness person or you may just be someone who likes to go for a walk, eitherway its better to be social and getting fit than sitting, watching or on your phone. The only thing to use your phone for is to get involved with events.

Why be social and fit?

Being social and getting fit is not just about the exercise, meeting new people, feeling better improving your physical and mental health every time.

  • Being social
  • Meeting new people
  • Feeling better
  • Improving physical health
  • Improving mental health

Being safe?

The most important bit of information we can give, is to always be safe, if you are unsure about any event location then you can always contact the event oraniser for more information or to ask for a different meeting point. When taking part in any event, its always your responsibility to keep yourself safe and know your limits that's why if you want to stop, feel out of breath or dizzy then just stop what you are doing and let the event organiser know, while you are responsible for yourself any event organiser will try and help.

When taking part in any event, it's important that you feel safe. If you have joined an event, if at any time you don't feel safe let the organiser know this and look to leave and make your way home (let the organiser know that you are leaving).

Always make sure someone else knows what you are doing so before you plan on leaving to take part in an event, make sure that you have informed someone else about the event, who the organiser is, where is the start and end locations of the event and an idea of the start and finish time.

  • Always be safe
  • If you feel out of breath or dizzy stop
  • Not sure about the event location, contact the event organiser
  • Don't feel safe, don't take part in the event
  • Its your choice, always make the correct one
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Don't push too much

The event organiser's may not be qualified, may not be medicaly trained so you are not their responsibility they are just allowing you to join them with their social and fitness activities.

You may want to try new events but always let your event organiser know you fitness level and work at your own pace, joining high fitness events when you are not at this level will impact on others taking part and you may be blocked from joining high fitness events, always remember your current fitness level.

  • Always be safe (yes we are saying it again)
  • Only join events for your fitness level or what you feel you can achieve
  • You are responsible for yourself
  • Work at your own pace
  • Enjoy yourself

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