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Cycling - 5 key benefits that cycling has on the body

Cycling - 5 key benefits that cycling has on the body

  • Dec. 27, 2018

Cycling gets a bad rap these days, and frankly we can’t see why.

There’s often no better feeling that feeling cool air running through your hair (you should always wear a helmet, but for arguments sake this point is staying) when you’re pedaling hard on two wheels. But it doesn’t just feel great...

Whether you’re Bradley Wiggins, Lance Armstrong or Gary from down the pub, there’s plenty of health benefits associated with cycling. To help you see the light, we’ve compiled 5 of the key benefits that cycling has on the body:

1. Increased cardiovascular fitness

Our first benefit is the one you probably immediately think of when it comes to cycling, the increased fitness.

Some people only care about upping their fitness and that’s absolutely fine. I personally find that the most pointless and boring thing going and if I’m not engaged with the activity, it’s a lost cause. HOWEVER, when it comes to cycling, there’s focus and fun while increasing cardiovascular fitness and that’s A-OK in my book.

2. Improved strength and increased muscle

Using your legs to power yourself up a steep incline is a surefire way to build a good helping of strength with a dollop of muscle to go with it and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with cycling.

Before you know it you’ll be able to kick down small walls and flex out of your cycling shorts… Okay maybe not, but you get the idea. Increased strength means better protection for your joints and your overall health in the lower body region.

3. Improved joint mobility - low impact exercise

Speaking of joints, cycling is particularly easy on them. Not only is muscle build surrounding the joint to alleviate stress, but the low impact nature of cycling prevents repetitive impacts on the knees and ankles making this one of the kindest activities for the body.

4. Great for weight loss

Cycling is one of the purest forms of cardio with minimal equipment (bar the obvious bike) required for exercise.

With the world as concerned as ever with weight loss and diet fads, cycling is a no-nonsense approach to dealing with weight loss and weight management in a way that’s sure to work. The more you put in, the more you get out… Or in this case, the more belly you lose.

5. Improved mental wellbeing

Last but by no means least, cycling is great for the improved mental wellbeing of those that take up the two-wheeled hobby.

The act of pushing yourself in the saddle leads to plenty of self-discipline traits that we’re more than pleased to endorse - generating healthy habits that are great for mental wellbeing. Studies have also shown that cycling can reduce the risk of suicide and be used to treat depression and low mood due to the endorphins produced mid ride.


If you fancy giving something else a shot, why not make it cycling? You might really enjoy it.

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