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Weight lifting - 5 Key benefits that weight lifting has on the body

Weight lifting - 5 Key benefits that weight lifting has on the body

  • Dec. 27, 2018

Weightlifting comes in many forms. Whether it’s hypertrophy work (for muscle), strength work (for erm...strength) or olympic lifting (for the olympics).

But the act of lifting up heavy objects and putting them back down again has a variety of key benefits on the body that a lot of us might be surprised by.

Here’s 6 key benefits that weightlifting has on the body:

1. Improved strength

We’re starting off with a bit of a no-brainer here. Believe it or not, if you go into weightlifting, the chances are that you’re going to build a bit of strength.

The differences come in the type of weightlifting performed. If you head to the gym for mostly high rep, low weight exercises, you’ll still build strength, just less so if you go in and perform low rep, high weight exercises. It’s all about your programming, what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to achieve it.

2. Increased muscle mass

Similar to your improved strength, you’re pretty much guaranteed to build a good chunk of muscle mass when weightlifting is introduced.

Muscle growth responds best to high rep, low weight stimuli, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be building any if you’re training with strength in mind. Keep an eye on your programme to make the most of what you want to build.

3. Improved confidence

Confidence is a huge health factor and something that a lot of people lack in and out of the gym.

With the introduction of weightlifting, it’s often seen that those that were once nervous, shy or lacking in confidence slowly build in their social abilities as well as their physical. Definitely something to think about if you’re someone that confidence means a lot to.


4. Prevents back pain

Surrounding the big boney thing in your back with muscle is always a good idea. You only get one spine and it’s probably best if you look after it and prevent pain from radiating into the rest of your body.

Training with weightlifting, especially those exercises such as deadlifts and rows that target the back muscles is a great way to look after the spine, prevent back pain and build a powerful body for the long term. You’ll thank your older self for that one.

5. Improved mental state

Last but by no means least is the huge improvement in mental state that is seen by so many that take up weightlifting.

The hour or two a day required to put in the effort when it counts is hugely powerful in the release of endorphins and improvement in mood for those struggling with a bad day. Furthermore, weightlifting has been shown to prevent suicidal thoughts and to treat depression.

Weightlifting is by far one of the greatest activities to become involved with when it comes to fitness and with so many associated benefits - it only takes a quick look to see why lifting can be an important part of your life.

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