Cycling on a road, mountain path or distance it doesn't take much to get out and about on a bike.


Every part of cycling helps your cardiovascular fitness.


To get started with cycling you will need a bike but you could start hiring a bike to start or find someone selling an unwanted bike. Remember to always wear a helmet.

Aptitude Fit


So you might be interested in cycling, here you will find some information about cycling, how it can help you achieve your goals and how to get started.

There’s often no better feeling that feeling cool air running through your hair (you should always wear a helmet, but for arguments sake this point is staying) when you’re pedaling hard on two wheels. But it doesn’t just feel great.

Whether you’re Bradley Wiggins, Lance Armstrong or Gary from down the pub, there’s plenty of health benefits associated with cycling. To help you see the light, we’ve compiled 5 of the key benefits that cycling has on the body

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