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Running - 5 Key benefits of running on the human body

Running - 5 Key benefits of running on the human body

  • Dec. 27, 2018

Running. Running is the one sport that just about all of us with a working pair of legs can participate in. There’s no necessary equipment, no flashy membership required. Just your feet and a strong mental state to keep on pushing.

The art of cardio on two legs is great for the body when it comes to weight loss, fitness or fun - but so many of us are kept in the dark with the true benefits of running. So we’ve compiled 6 key benefits of running so you can get a little more information on the simple pleasure:

1. Improves fitness and cardiovascular ability

The first key benefit that running has on the body is simply the development of fitness and the cardiovascular ability of the runner.

Running is one of the best ways to up your cardio, keeping your heart healthy, your lungs active and body moving. You’ll see leaps in progress with your fitness and you’ll no longer be out of breath after a couple of flights of stairs - which is the dream really.

2. Builds muscle and strength

It’s no secret that running also builds muscle and strength in key areas of the body, not only looking good but increasing performance and the protection around your joints.

Focusing on calves, quads, hamstrings and abs, running is key for that lower body and core strength that’s so important in performance.

3. Improves skin quality

The excessive sweating caused by going out for a brisk jog or speedy run is great for cleansing the skin and improving it’s overall quality.

When you compound this with the extra showers that you’ll be taking to get all nice and clean following your workouts - you’ll notice an improved skin quality. That’s something we can all benefit from.

4. Keeps the joints healthy

Believe it or not, running with correct form is actually beneficial to the joints.

With the improvement of the muscle surrounding the joints, less pressure is applied to them - meaning an easier load and improved health of the joints. Make sure to warm up first and allow for flexibility to come into the body - you’ll thank yourself later for that.

5. Improved mental state

Running, and especially long runs, is often recognised as a form of mediation with a focus on the breathing, tempo, pace and surroundings as you speed through nature.

This relaxed state is great for mental health and with the extra push of the ‘runners high’ giving a huge boost of endorphins - you can guarantee you’ll feel better after heading out the door with your running shoes on.

6. Improved bone density

Last but not least, running can actually improve the bone density in the legs due to the repetitive impacts with the ground during a run. This increases the strength and density of the bones, meaning you’re less likely to suffer a break or health conditions such as osteoporosis.

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