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Boxing - 5 key health benefits that come from boxing

Boxing - 5 key health benefits that come from boxing

  • Dec. 27, 2018

Boxing is one of the biggest talking points in 2019.


With the recent Conor Mcgregor vs. Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder fights in the public eye - more and more people are putting on the gloves and heading into the iron paradise.

Even if you’ve seen all 23 Rocky films (or however many there are now), you might be surprised to find the huge number of health benefits that come from boxing. We’ve compiled 5 key health benefits that come from boxing, so you don’t have to do the research yourself.

1. Increased cardiovascular capabilities

Boxers have phenomenal cardiovascular capabilities and if you’re going 12 rounds with one, you’re going to want to make sure that yours is too.

With the training that comes with boxing, cardio is a major focus. Whether it’s rounds on the heavy bag, circuit training or long runs - cardio is key in the world of boxing and it’s as good for your heart as it is in the ring.

2. Increased strength and muscle growth

Boxing is a sport where strength and conditioning is vital in the ring and your punching power isn’t the only benefit that comes from the increased strength and muscle growth.

The increased strength and muscle growth is not only vital for performance in the sport but for a variety of other beneficial factors. With increased strength recognised as great for the reduction in stress on the joints and the protection of the internals of the body, there’s plenty of reasons to increase the strength by boxing.

3. Increased cognitive function

Boxing is of course not just a game of brawn, but rather a game of brains too. Outthinking and predicting your opponents next moves is vital and this taxing cognitive function day-in-day-out is highly beneficial with the development of the overall cognitive function.

With increased cognitive function, you’ll see an increased capacity to focus, learn and develop confidence in and out of the gym.

4. Increased coordination

Coordination again is a huge part of boxing with hand-eye coordination imperative for punching and evasive maneuvers within the ring.

Through training and sparring sessions, coordination is increased - vital for just about everything we do in life. You’d be a lot more lost than you think without good coordination!

5. Increased mental wellness

The fifth and final benefit of boxing is huge in the community and comes in the form of increased mental wellness.

Boxing is one of the most noteworthy sports when it comes to headspace with a very focused and dedicated training schedule. This force for self discipline is massive and a highly effective motivator when it comes to mental health.


The dopamine release from both training and competition is huge and rewards ‘good behaviour’ making those who partake highly proficient, self motivated and driven individuals.

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