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What is premium and should I get it?

What is premium and should I get it?

When you upgrade you are also helping us develop our platform, bring to new an exciting features and keep us running. That's not all, you also help us support good causes related to keeping people active.

It's not just a wider area, its all areas where our service is active, that can be from you working away but still wanting to get fit or going on holiday and wanting to keep active.

Our service is active in multiple countries and we are adding more all the time so when your fed up of the beach (not sure how that can happen) then you can search your holiday location to see if there are any events going on.

Remove ads

If you are like me, you don't like adverts but it's one of those things we have to do to keep our free accounts going. Without ad revenue (however small it is) we would not be able to offer free accounts and that's something we are not willing to give up. Within a few years we hope to have enough premium members so that we can remove all adverts, but for now we have to keep them.

What is premium and should I get it?

Activate premium

Subscribe to pay the monthly or annual fee.

Join any event

Join any free event in any location with search limited removed.

Join events on holiday

Visiting a different country, no problem. With premium you can search and join any events in any country we are active in.

Search fit profiles

Premium gives you the ability to search for other's with similar fitness interests and see profile view stats.

Message other users

You can message other users with similar fitness interests .

Ad free

You not only get the great features but you also won't have adverts shown when your logged in.

How much does it cost?

You can choose to pay the super low monthly cost of £ 3.00 or choose to pay a year up front and save 20%.

That's less per month than the cost of your morning coffee and we can get you upgraded before your coffee is ready.

Depending on your country the payment will either be taken as GBP, Euros or your countries currency if available, this will be displayed on the payment page.