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Our signup process

Its free to register and free to use our services unless you are wanting to take part in a paid event.

Getting registered

It only take a minute to get registered, you only need to supply your name, email, choose a password and your country. To verify your email we will send you an activation email which you will need to activate your account before it can be used.

To improve security, your password will need to be:

  • - At least 8 characters in length
  • - Contain at least one upper case character
  • - Contain at least one lower case character
  • - Contain at least one number
  • - Contain at least one special character e.g. #, *

Activating your account

You will receive an email with a activation code or just a button to push, this will then take you to a page where you will be required to re-enter your login information to get your account activated. This is a one time only process to help secure your account.

Additional account information

Once your account has been created you can update your personal profile with additional information to help people know more about you. Its always better to be honest and give accurate information for you as an event organiser and someone just taking part in events as when you join an event other people might be interested in taking part based on other people.

Clear and honest

As we said, its better to be honest and open because if your not and others attending your events feel they have been misled then they will have the oppertinity to give that feedback. If on the other hand your joining an event, once joined you will be able to see the other people attending the event and some information from their profile.

Why is this important, well people need to feel safe, that the event is accurate from the description given and that and that they enjoyed themselves.