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Joining and creating events

We have tried to make creating events as simple as possible.

When creating events, you just need to choose a title for your event, set a start date and time, choose the maximum number of people taking part in your event, some information about your event, what activity your event is and where the meeting point for your event is.

Event title

This is what will show up in search results, it needs to be short but also needs to inform people about what your event is about.

Event start date/time

This is important because it tell's people when your event will start and on what day. You need to choose a date and time that you can make as cancelling events or changing last minute will mean that not everyone can make it and could put people off attenting your future events.

Cancelling or changing events last minute may result in us reviewing your account activity.

Event maximum attendees

This is the total number of people you want to allow on your event, once the number of people attending your event reaches this limit no one else will be able to join.

Event description

This give you the opportunity to talk about your event, tell people what they can expect, the area in which the event is held and anything else you feel people might want to know. Giving people a better understanding about your event will probably have more people join you.

Event activity

To allow people to narrow down what activities they want to take part in, by setting what the activity is they will be able to find events quicker. We add more types of activities all the time but if we don't have the one you want just let us know.


Currently we allow you to specify if your event is free or paid. We expect most events to be free, but anything like squash, badminton, tennis etc may incur costs to book facilities. If your event does incur costs you will need to clearly explain this in your event description.


For people to join you they need to know where to meet up, this should never be your home, but a safe, public place. You can search for a location or click on the map to set where you want to meet people that are taking part in your event.


Currently, free accounts are only able to have 12 events at any one time (completed events do not count towards this total). If you need to create more events because your super active then you will need to upgrade to premium.